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Our Answers Only Hours Away

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2012 teacher of yr Rebecca Mieliwoki

For over a year the citizens of Clark County have searched for answers for what has been described as burning questions. Yet, we have been repeatedly denied what we believe is our right to know. Despite a rigorous legal campaign launched by Elaine Farris to avoid giving a deposition in the lawsuit she filed, that deposition will take place in a little over 12 hours. At long last many questions that have echoed in our minds will now be asked and In a peculiar twist it’s Elaine that we can thank for our impending revelations.

The lawsuit Farris filed against the Columbias and me was ambiguous at best. Though rich in shock-value adjectives, the suit provides not a single shred of evidence or specific allegations.  It basically says we said things about her she doesn’t like so she is suing. Only in a civil case could someone have others hauled into court with a list of baseless allegations and not even a smidgen of circumstantial evidence. The only requirement for a civil lawsuit is money for an attorney. It’s a shocking revelation of American “justice” of which, I could have lived my entire life without knowing,  It’s an an insult to the integrity our forefathers thought they were creating in America and disgusting waste of tax-payer money that could be invested in our schools.

In her deposition Farris will either defend herself and her actions or she will be as evasive as she’s been in the past. I am expecting the latter but Farris’s supporters are excitedly spreading  word that Elaine will rigorously defend herself in great detail. . According to them, Elaine will provide evidence and details that will be a logical explanation for everything and prove us to be liars. And I’m saying that’s not even possible. But one thing is for absolute certain, this time tomorrow we can all stop speculating.

To be fair, we should note that after Farris’s deposition the Columbias and I will also give a deposition. Don’t expect any new information from us. Lord, knows we’ve not only been an open book but we’ve provided sketches, maps and Cliff Notes. But regardless of whether you are interested in information from Farris, the Columbias or me you will have it tomorrow.

Having never gone through the process before, I am uncertain how long it will take tomorrow. But I will provide an update to this blog as soon as possible. It’s impossible to face tomorrow and not thank all of you. It has been one of the greatest privileges of my life to serve my community in this fashion. Thank you for your overwhelming support, perseverance and grace to correct any mistakes I have made. Together we are marching toward truth and justice.

Stand Up Clark County – our time is at hand.

Students Outperform Board Of Education & Superintendent

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After her evaluation Elaine Farris had this to say. “We all have room for improvement. I’m anxious to see what it is you want me to continue to work on because I promise you that whatever it is  you think I need to work on, I will.” Finally, a superintendent I can get on board with…… IF she was actually speaking to the community. Though she wasn’t clear with her words her body language indicated she was speaking to the board. But, I could get on board with that too……….IF the board actually represented the thoughts of the community they are supposed to be serving.

Each board member represents a different area of the county. Board members must live in the district they represent so they can experience the same circumstances and understand the things that make each district different. Each board member is supposed to take the concerns of the citizens in their district to the other board members and the superintendent. The superintendent uses her education and experiences to hammer out a plan. The plan should have measurable goals, a stated result and a time frame for completion. If at any time a district doesn’t feel represented they vote out their board member. That’s how it is suppose to work. That’s not what is happening in Clark County.

Clark County has board members that ridicule, insult, are combative and just plain mean to the community. They’ve been in office so long they feel they no longer need input from us because they are far more superior. While they may rule over us the person who should be accountable to them, the superintendent, is not. As emails have demonstrated our superintendent is setting her own goals and telling the board how to evaluate her.

I agree that we all can improve, so how is Elaine going to improve? She’s fully aware that both staff and community are grossly unhappy. What will she do about it? She says she will do whatever the board wants so why have they not told her or us?

Elaine Farris  created 6 goals for herself to do in 4 years. Yet, there is no plan of how she will accomplish them. There’s no mark of progress. Without a plan and evidence of what is working and what isn’t her goals are just ink spots on paper. There is no evidence that a single goal has been accomplished. When the superintendent is evaluated and hasn’t met her goals it is the responsibility of the board to set a corrective action plan. That did not happen. Why?

An annual review on a job is generally conducted the same way. The employee meets with her boss and hears what she is doing right and  wrong. If the employee is meeting expectations then she’s given a raise. If her work is less than desirable the raise is withheld and a plan is made to help her be successful. If we all have room for improvement why did our superintendent emerge from her evaluation with absolutely no plan or change in goals? In fact, Judy Hicks, much to the pain of those listening, explained in detail why Elaine was marked on anything less than perfection. The board and superintendent say words that are in direct conflict with their actions. They can say they’re taking responsibility from now until the end of time but until they actually act  responsible it means nothing.

The same people who have no corrective action plan for the superintendent are the same ones that determine the goals for our students. Why are they holding our kids to higher standards than they do the superintendent? If our leaders are incapable of doing what they expect the students to do; we’ve got major problems.

Students must earn the right to drive and take part in extracurricular activities. The board thinks it is their right to bypass the same standards.  What would happen if students took the board’s approach and refused to speak to the teacher in class? Or what if a teacher sat at her desk and refused to answer the questions of the students? The board would demand an immediate change of action. Our students must engage in dialogue and problem solving with their teachers if they are going to be successful. Why does the board of education think they are exempt to the guidelines they created? Stand Up Clark County and hold the board to the same standards they place on our kids.