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Integrity Matters Regardless Who Is In Office

Posted in Board of Education (General) with tags , , , on April 15, 2014 by Joan Graves

Integrity MattersSome have the misconception that Stand Up Clark County was formed only to  fight the previous administration.  That is absolutely incorrect.  Stand Up Clark  County isn’t a club.  It is a movement.  It is a citizen’s group committed to fighting  and righting all sorts of wrongs, both in and out of the school system.  When  information is brought forward it is investigated and determined to the best of our  ability, if it is credible or not.  If it is, it does not matter who is on the other end of the wrong.  It will be brought out so that the citizens of this great community can make appropriate decisions.

That being said, this instance does in fact have to do with the school system —-AGAIN!  Considering our past, citizens are significantly less tolerable of misdeeds.  Therefore, they will be aired here at first instance.      

Let us be perfectly clear about what the citizens of Clark County expect from their school administration.

1.  Integrity of the highest level.  

2.  Extreme work ethic.

3.  No good ole boy networking

4.  Superiors hold those in their charge accountable at the FIRST wrong & allow him a chance to correct.

5.  Acceptance that your job is for the education and betterment of this community first and you second.

Stand Up Clark County takes the position that it is always best to keep in mind that you are not getting away with what you think you’re getting away with.  Someone is always watching and the truth is always revealed.

Stand Up Clark County and accept nothing but the absolute best for our kids. 

Not All Football Players Would Have Done This

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Four William Patterson University football players entered a local store to find no cashier. They called out but no one answered. They selected their purchases, counted out the money, tossed it on the counter and left. Little did they know what was about to happen.

The players have received national exposure because they did the right thing. They could have stolen their items but did not. Somewhere along the way, a coach and/or parents taught these guys that when they take from another no one wins. They learned, no doubt, by example, that integrity is always more valuable than money or wins. These guys had opportunity but no motive. They knew there are ways to treat people and there are ways not to treat people. Now, they are enjoying the feeling of having a reputation of being men of honor in a sport that has far too high a crime rate. Being men of good character does not happen it is learned. And when it is displayed, it is celebrated and people never forget.

Read the story for yourself by clicking on the link below. Stand Up Clark County and teach our players to be men of honor.


Being A Coach of Excellence Only YOU Can Make It Happen

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The response to Bledsoe’s tirade has shown the people of Clark County to be more concerned about how our students are treated than anything else. When I posted about Bledsoe 200 people hit this blog in 20 minutes! And they took action by calling GRC principal David Bolen, board members and Elaine Farris. Your direct involvement is what will bring good out of this terrible situation.

Bledsoe hopped on my radar the very first day of school when he stood in front of a class and told them what an ass he is. (His word not mine). On and on he went about the joys of being a jerk. He even called upon “his players” to confirm it for the other students. The ridiculousness of the scene made him look more like a cartoon character than a teacher. Anyone that behaves that way on the very first day of school will do anything.

From nearly the first practice reports came in about the verbally abusive coaching. The first game and especially the one at Montgomery County were filled with inappropriate antics on the sidelines, like face masks and shirts being grabbed by coaches. I’m not expert but I’m thinking if the NFL gives a penalty for it, it certainly shouldn’t be done to high school players. Parents reported coaches were following players down the sidelines screaming at them. Players complained of being humiliated. But it only got worse.

I am told that calls to David Bolen, board members and Elaine Farris resolved nothing. In fact, people became even more angry because they were blown off. The administration’s denial of what was visibly clear on Friday nights was infuriating to people. Why they thought they could talk people out of what they were seeing is beyond me but it certainly was a huge mistake.

People are sick to death of the board and Elaine never accepting responsibility for anything. Our board will not even remotely entertain the possibility of being wrong about anything. And that is why this even with Bledsoe has taken on a life of its own. Why didn’t Bledsoe just apologize? Everyone knows that with controversy an apology is a great PR move. The board could have Bledsoe perform some community service for the disabled  or a motivational class. There are a thousand little things they could’ve done for the betterment of the students but didn’t. They are operating under the misguided notion that if they do nothing they look innocent but nothing could be further from the truth.

Rather than make a small gesture the board has catapulted us into a large scale war where they are attempting to pit parents against coaches making kids pay the highest price. But I am counting on the good coaches and people of Clark County to not let this happen. We are counting on the great coaches to step up and take the lead. Reach out to the community, players and parents by making a public commitment to permanently delete the word “retard” and to not humiliate or demean another by using abusive language. Give a voice to players and parents by providing an anonymous feedback that you can use to build a stronger team.

Report bad coaches. They cast you all in a bad light and you’ve worked too hard to have someone else destroy it. Sports is about skill, teamwork, conflict resolution, discipline and being a role model. Help them learn to navigate them all with excellence. And if in the heat of the  moment you say something wrong, exemplify strength by apologizing to them. Set them on a better path by explaining what went wrong and how it should’ve been handled. Tell them we all need to improve and you’ll try to do better next time. It’s all any of us can do.

By denying what happened and attacking the messenger these adults are victimizing the kids again. That is exactly what causes young girls not to report sexual assault or abused children to confide in a teacher. And in every case it’s the reason for suicide for a bullied kid. Protecting a coach over a player is exactly what happened in the Penn State sex scandal. How many adults knew but failed to intervene for a child?  Don’t be a temporary figure in your players’ lives be a lifelong hero who forever impacted them for good.

Stand Up Clark County coaches of excellence