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Possible Child Abduction Attempt At Central Elementary

Posted in Central Elementary, Schools with tags , , , , on May 3, 2013 by Joan Graves

Several years ago I petitioned for a district wide reverse 911 notification system. The intent was that in the event of an emergency parents could immediately be contacted via text, email or audio message. It was not suppose to be a system that sent out so many non-emergency messages that they lost their power and parents became immune to them. The idea was for parents to immediately respond to the message rather than disregard it as just another message from the school.

This morning at Central Elementary a man attempted to pick up a child without proper identification. It was an excellent example of when to use the emergency message system. Thankfully, the diligent staff at Central thwarted what could have been a dangerous situation. Central’s quick response resulted in the police making contact with the man by noon today. Yet, the district message wasn’t sent out until 4:00 pm. Why did it take over four hours for the message to go out?

We all know that in any type of emergency the quicker the response the better the outcome. We have a system in place to get information out quickly and it works well if utilized properly. The system should be reserved for true emergency messages that arrive immediately. And when the message does go out or a letter is sent home, there should be someone to field calls from concerned parents. In our current troubling and unsettling world it is imperative we have a notification system that is accurate, prompt, and used appropriately.

Stand Up Clark County for the outstanding staff at Central Elementary.