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Facility Plan – What Are We Made Of?

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the-future Tomorrow night the Clark County School Board will vote on which facilities plan to accept.  Each plan has its strength and its weaknesses.  Each plan will make some pleased and leave others mad.  That can be said of any facility plan in any school board room in any town USA.  Clark County will no doubt have double the emotions simply because of all we have been through prior to this point.

Our facility plan drama began years ago with a highly controversial plan cloaked in accusations of wrongdoing and corruption.  From the moment the ink was quietly placed on the contract, the deal immediately began treading water in a pool of innuendo that immediately divided the community.

It had been quite some time since several of those school board members had been challenged so apparently they were under the misguided notion they could do as they pleased.  They simply did what they had always done.  They counted on the community’s outrage to play itself out and citizens to lose their steam.  When instead the community rallied together to fight for the common good of everybody then things changed.

behind clouds  The previous board’s inability then and even now to consider that they made terrible mistakes, disregarded community opinion, failed to weigh all the options or even begin to have the courage to stand up for the least of us, proves how grossly inadequate they were to represent the greatest of us.  Therefore, they brought shame and suspect upon all of their actions most notably the notorious facilities plan.  In an outrageous show of unification, the community made clear their disgust of being muted and voted out the old and in the new.  Now, we turn to a new era.  It’s a new time and opportunity.

This is the first time that any board member, with the exception of Judy Hicks, in this entire facilities plan drama, has taken time to consider all angles.  This board heard the community loud and clear.  They fought the state.  They have labored, sweat, prayed, talked, lost sleep over and contemplated beyond the realms any of us wish to consider.  This board has taken on what everyone wanted changed but few dared to tackle.  This board, with the exception of Judy Hicks, stepped up to the mound in the last inning with everything lined up against them and nothing going for them but an overwhelming desire to take one for the team because it’s the right thing to do.  Could you do it?  I couldn’t.  That’s why I didn’t run for the board.  images (18)

So, on this eve that changes everything I am asking you, Clark County, what are we made of?  This facilities plan is more than about a mere vote on metal and steel.  It’s a vote on the kind of people we are.  Are we selfish people willing to turn on one another if we don’t get our way?  Are we weak people willing to flaunt that our vote won over the plan that didn’t?  Or are we people with backbone, people who reach deep and know that regardless of what tomorrow holds it is a new era?  It’s a time of when we say all that is gone before, matters no more.  We have a board that will never again put our kids or their own reputations on the market to the highest bidder.  There is no more secret meetings, over-paid bureaucrats, over inflated egos or nauseating misuse of the media.

Life has shown us that more often than not to find what is keeping we must first sift through the rubbish.  To find a hidden treasure we must get dirty digging it from the dirt.  To find a diamond we have to travel the blackest coal shafts.  And if we want real gold then we have to spend hours on our knees shaking it from the imposters and fool’s gold surrounding it.  Finding what is real is important but what becomes more important is how do we treat what is authentic when we are not accustom to seeing it?  Now, is our time Clark County.  Stand up for your school board and say we respect your effort you have put into this decision making process – thank you for having the courage to do the job no one else wanted.



Senator RJ Palmer Seeks Our Support

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Senate28Senator RJ Palmer is seeking the support of Stand Up Clark County. Palmer cites his bi-partisan efforts in improving Kentucky and his renewed “commitment to improving education” as reasons for our support.

In the beginning, Stand Up Clark County was dismissed as the unorganized and inconsequential work of only a few. Yet, just as history has done so many times and will no doubt continue to do, underestimating a group of citizens banded together to right wrongs can have serious repercussions. When Colonist, labeled as rebels and troublemakers, had their cries ignored they took control of themselves and the world for that matter, from England and have never returned it. Our fight, albeit, on much smaller scale has been no less significant.

Last November the people of Clark County screamed their need for change at the election poles. After nearly a decade on the board of education, Debbie Fatkin, widely known in the community, lost her seat to unknown resident Michael McGowan. Deanna Wolfe, who has powerful connections at WKYT also lost to an unknown, Ashley Ritchie. Though Beth Griffith was not fully supported by Stand Up Clark County we certainly did not oppose her because the seat she sought against Steve Graves would see change no matter the victor as BJ Swope was not seeking re-election.

People tend to take notice when a group of unknowns demonstrates the power and ability to evoke great change. Now, more than ever we must be diligent in who we support. We have set a precedence and we have a responsibility to the people of Clark County. The trust of the people will always be a top priority for us. We must do as we have always done, research, post facts and informed opinions.

Therefore, this post is to serve only as a notice of the support request from Senator Palmer not a political opinion. We need to generate conversation and share information. Watch for future posts regarding Senator Palmer as research on him takes place. Once all the information is, compiled Stand Up Clark County will then decide if Senator Palmer is a good fit for our focus, goals, and beliefs. So….. Stand Up Clark County and speak your thoughts and experiences about Senator RJ Palmer.

Making a 911 Call To KDE

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Tonight the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) will be our board meeting. Regardless of what you think about the middle school merger KDE’s attendance is important for 5 reasons.

1. Our superintendent has direct ties to KDE.

2. The Winchester Sun recently printed a letter from KDE, they claimed to have obtained through an open records request. However, they would have to have known EXACTLY what to request. Considering, it was a letter to Dr. Kuduk from KDE someone obviously had to tell them. That is an incredible ethics violation that at the very least borders on the illegal.

3. KDE stated months ago that the department had been “inundated with complaints regarding Clark County Schools” for months but they have failed to intervene. They have also stated that they are “carefully monitoring” events.

4. In November the community ousted former board members when the middle school merger was a major voting point. Beth Griffith appeared to change her opinion on the matter frequently however, her conduct on the board makes clear her intention to support this merger despite the fact that the majority of the people she represents is NOT in favor of it. Judy Hicks also continues to support the merger when her constituents are also opposed.

5.  This community heavily voiced their disapproval for this facilities plan, years ago. In fact, prior to the existence of Stand Up Clark County another citizen’s group took their fight against the facilities plan straight to KDE’s door, receiving no assistance.

I have no idea what will happen at tonight’s board meeting. What I do know is that this community is being held hostage by an unwanted, poorly executed facilities plan we never wanted and despite our many pleas to the state they refused to help us. Now, the only people paying for this mess are the very ones they sought assistance to stop it in the first place. In an emergency you dial 911 for help and protection. Clark County made an educational 911 call and have been on hold for years. So, KDE, will you at long last take our call tonight?

Stand Up Clark County!


Board Of Education To Finalize Restructuring

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I Apologize for this late notice but the board of education will be meeting 6:30. I’ve been so busy I forgot about it. Ooops! If you can’t attend the meeting you can watch it online using this link Sometimes the link doesn’t work so you can also access it by going to and in the search box at the top of the screen enter “CCPS BOE” (all caps & space in the middle). That will bring up the channel for the board. If the meeting is already in process a box will appear and ask you if you want to watch live. If they are not live a choice of videos will be provided and you can click the date you want to view.  I’ve provided tonight’s agenda at the end of this post.

This will be the second meeting with the new board. As reported last week, Dr. Michael Kuduk is leading the board and has a number of changes he intends to make. At the top of the list is putting the public back in our public education system. Last week Dr. Kuduk made clear his intent to turn the board from an internal focus to a focus on students, employees and the community. His leadership goals will likely be an important aspect of tonight’s meeting.

New vice-chair Michael McGowan, known for his exceptional ability to break down jargon into real terms, is also in-line with the community focus. During middle school merger meetings and the candidate forum he articulated the very real results of the ramifications of board decisions. He removed the fluff we had come to expect from the previous board and made clear our options and projected outcomes of each.

Last week, Ashley Ritchie stunned as she behaved like a 5-year board veteran rather than a newly elected member. Her uncanny insight into the hearts and minds of a younger generation is unprecedented. Last week Ashley silenced anyone who may have questioned her ability. She arrived early and was in her chair reviewing board documents and expressed her thoughts and  provided insight. District 5, once a silent “yes man” seat now has a confident, focused voice.

This board is like none other. Typically high profile positions as this board has taken on, often creates a mountain of stress. This board, however, runs like a well oiled machine. It is an extremely exciting time to have a student in Clark County.

Stand Up Clark County for board members eager to serve our children.


 Welcome
 Moment of Silence
 Pledge of Allegiance
1. Adoption of Agenda
2. Approval of Minutes for December 11, 2012 Regular Meeting and January 8, 2013 Organizational Meeting
Board of Education Recognition Month
3. Update on New Elementary School – Mike Smith
4. Update on New George Rogers Clark High School – Ron Murrell
5. 5th Month Attendance – Barbara Disney
6. District and State Updates – Dr. Farris
7. Overview and Update of Implementation of Instructional Rounds – Brenda Considine
8. Consider Approval of Contract Between Clark County Board of Education and OVEC Financial Services – Dr. Farris
9. Consider Approval of 2012-2013 Nutrition and Physical Activity Report Card – Rebecca Lowry
10. Consider Approval to Surplus Used/Non-Working Cell Phones – Gina Amos
11. Consider Selection and Approval of Name for New Elementary School – Barbara Disney
12. Consider Selection and Approval of Name for Combined Middle School – Barbara Disney
13. Consider Approval of Pay Application #10 from Codell Construction Company for Construction Services for the Conkwright Renovation Project in the Amount of $30,973.00 – Paul Christy
14. Consider Approval of Pay Application #14 from Codell Construction Company for Construction Services for the New Elementary School Project in the Amount of $1,000,076.65 – Paul Christy
15. Consider Approval of Change Order #20-3 for the New Elementary School Project
Regarding Change of Heat Pump Lines (credit of $10,438.00) and Addition of a Manhole
(Cost of $11,465.00) for an Additional Cost to the Project of $1,027.00 – Paul Christy
16. Consider Approval of Pay Application #20 from Codell Construction Company for Resident
Observer Services at the New George Rogers Clark High School in the Amount of $9,375.00
– Paul Christy
17. Consider Approval of Pay Application #26 from the General Contractor D.W. Wilburn for
the New George Rogers Clark High School Project in the Amount of $331,815.00 – Paul
18. Consider Approval of Change Order #41 for the Phase I: George Rogers Clark High School
Project Regarding the Addition of Wall Hung Aluminum Canopies at the Green Roof Area in
the Amount of $5,265.85 – Paul Christy
19. Consider Approval of Pay Application #1 from Allen Company for the New Highway
Entrance and Turn-Lane Project for the New George Rogers Clark High School Project in the
Amount of $297,996.00 – Paul Christy
20. Consider Approval of the Pay Application #5 from D.W. Wilburn, Inc. for the Phase II:
Clark County Area Technology Center Project in the Amount of $239,265.00 – Paul Christy
21. Consider Approval of Change Order #4 for the Phase II: Clark County Area Technology
Center Project Regarding the Reworking of the Pavement in the Courtyard Area in the
Amount of $4,200.00 – Paul Christy
22. Consider Approval of Change Order #5 for the Phase II: Clark County Area Technology
Center Project Regarding the Addition of Anti-freeze Type Sprinkler Heads for the Exterior
Material Storage Area in the Amount of $4,582.75 – Paul Christy
23. Discussion of 2013 Agenda Planning Meetings – Dr. Kuduk
24. Consider Approval of 2013 Agenda Planning Meetings and Dates, Times, and Locations –
Dr. Kuduk
25. Consider Approval for Board Team to Attend KSBA 77th Annual Conference February 22-
24, 2013 at the Galt House East, Louisville, KY – Dr. Kuduk
26. Consider Approval of GRC Varsity Cheerleaders Trip to Bowling Green, KY to Compete in
the State KAPOS Competition January 25-27, 2013 – David Bolen
27. Consider Approval of GRC Band Trip to Louisville, KY to Participate in All-State Band
February 6-7, 2013 – David Bolen
28. Consider Approval of GRC Winter Guard Trip to Nashville, TN to Compete in Winter Guard
International Contest February 16-17, 2013 – David Bolen
29. Consider Approval of GRC Senior Advisory Senior Class 2013 Trip to New York City
March 20-24, 2013 – David Bolen
30. Consider Approval of GRC Softball Trip to Orlando, FL to Participate in Softball
Tournament March 30-April 6, 2013 – David Bolen
31. Consider Approval of BG-4 Closeout Document for the Direct Purchase Order #DPO 0746-
37, (CCBoE PO#11010062) for Rexel Southland for the New George Rogers Clark High
School (Phase I) Project – Paul Christy
32. Acknowledge the Cash Position Report – Gina Amos
33. Acknowledge the Clark County Clerk’s Motor Vehicle Tax Report – Gina Amos
34. Acknowledge the Clark County Sheriff’s November and December Report – Gina Amos
35. Acknowledge the Monthly Financial Report – Gina Amos
36. Acknowledge the General Fund Budget Summary Report – Gina Amos
37. Acknowledge the Notice of Personnel Action Report – Scarlett Ryan
38. Authorize Payment of Salaries and Accounts Payable – Gina Amos


Winchester Sun Reports On Board Changes

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hope 2


Winchester Sun Reports On Board Changes

Casey Castle with the Winchester Sun reported on events from last night’s board of education meeting.  His report is the latest in the accolades being heaped upon new board members. Expectations for the board were high but  after only one meeting, the praises are higher.  Control of the board is now in the very capable hands of Dr. Michael Kuduk who made it clear that the community-board relationship a priority.  Stand Up Clark County for Dr. Kuduk as he stands for us.

New Beginnings – The First 2013 Board Of Education Meeting

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Tonight was the first meeting of our newly elected board of education. For anyone not in attendance you missed the excellence of a board united in improving the educational climate we have adapted ourselves to. Should you happen to run into board members within the community be sure to take a moment and stop to thank them for taking on the enormous responsibility of improving the education of our students.

The new board elected their governing body this evening. Previously, Judy Hicks served as chairperson with Debbie Fatkin as vice-chair. For 2013, it will be Dr. Michael Kuduk directing the board by serving as Chairperson. Michael McGowan was elected to serve as vice-chair.

Dr. Kuduk wasted no time getting down to business. One of the first changes he wants to initiate is changing board meetings from once a month to twice a month. When Judy Hicks indicated two Tuesday’s a month would be too much for her work schedule, Ashley Ritchie wisely asked if board meetings had to occur on Tuesdays. They do not, which opened up enormous opportunities for setting days convenient to all. There are still details to hammer out but at this point it appears as though board meetings will be conducted one Tuesday and Thursday of each month.

By increasing the frequency of meetings it provides the board extended time to review and finalize the agenda, as well as provide the community additional time to come before the board with comments and concerns. Board meetings have a history of being extensively long. In June, a board meeting wasn’t adjourned until two in the morning. Many working parents find the extensive length of board meetings a deterrent for their attendance. They simply don’t have the time to work, care for the family and attend a 3-4 hour board meeting. Dr. Kuduk’s proposal will decrease the time commitment for parents, board members and faculty. If you are unable to make a meeting you won’t have to wait an entire month before getting the assistance you need. Tonight’s meeting was for organizational purposes so the regular board meeting will take next week as usual.

During the years I have been attending board meetings it has always been easy to determine who the new board members were. They are often timid and unsure of themselves. That was certainly not the case tonight. Our newly elected officials had no hesitation making motions, seconding them, asking questions or offering recommendations.

Another significant change was inclusion. Several times Dr. Kuduk looked to those in attendance to include them in decisions. He specifically looked to them as the second date for a board meeting was discussed. Involving the community and employees in decision making was highly promoted by Stand Up Clark County so we are well pleased to see the board turning in this direction.

After a tumultuous year, hope, peace and unity reined this evening. This is a board willing to put the needs of the students above their personal ones. This board firmly established that they have done their homework and are well-versed in proper procedure and knowledge of how a successful board conducts themselves.

This is only the very first meeting on the very first day of our educational restoration. It is a new year filled with the promises of what is truly a new beginning. So, Stand Up Clark County because without a doubt, you made it happen.


Urgent Middle School Merger Message

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Just a quick post to let everyone know that the board of education is continuing with the middle school merger. They are acting as if there was never an election that voted out the main board member pushing this merger. Despite the fact that the community has vehemently spoken out and voted against this merger, the board has scheduled an academic steering committee meeting for today at 4:30. As we have stated before 4:30 is a time when most parents are at work and unable to attend the meeting.

It is unclear whether the board actually has the ability to go forth with any action considering three members are leaving at the end of the month. We are working on verifying the legality of their actions. If you are against this merger you should attend the meeting today if possible. As soon as we obtain more information we will pass it along. Your voices need to be heard and your questions answered. I encourage you to call central office, 744-4545, whether you attend the meeting today or not.


KRS 61.820 states “All meetings of all public agencies of this state, and any committees or subcommittees thereof, shall be held at specified times and places which are convenient to the public, and all public agencies shall provide for a schedule.”

This regulation is part of Kentucky’s Open Meetings Law. Obviously, 4:30 pm is NOT “convenient to the public”. Since the meeting is in session at this very moment we can’t prevent it. However, if the meeting is determined to be illegal decisions made may be reversed.

If you want to file an open meetings complaint you need to send a letter or email to Judy Hicks. She is the current board chair. In the letter you must tell you how the law was violated. (i.e. not convenient to the public when held during working hours). You must also tell her how you want her to respond. (i.e. No more meetings before 6 p.m. and strike all motions, decisions etc. made at the meeting tonight.)

Judy will then have 3 working days to respond. If she doesn’t respond in that time frame or if her response doesn’t satisfy you, you can then file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office. You can fax the complaint or send it by mail. The Attorney General website currently has an open meetings” alert advising superintendents of their responsibilities to new board members. It also has more information on our right to know and participate in meetings. If you need help filing your complaint or something isn’t clear let me know.

Stand Up Clark County and protect your vote and your legal right.

Outgoing Board Members Still Have The Power To Damage

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We won the election so we’re home free, right? Wrong. Newly elected board members won’t take their seats until after the first of the year. That leaves at least two board meetings with the possibility of outgoing board members to “pay back” the community who ousted them.

There were many reasons for the rejection of the current board and the middle school merger was one of them. In blatant defiance of the community’s cry to slow down the merger the board continues to charge full speed ahead. They have a history of shutting out the community’s voice and doing whatever they want.  Remember the 4:00 pm meetings they had so parents couldn’t attend?

When parents attended a board meeting to make their case for slowing down, they were stopped before they started. Prior to parents speaking Elaine took the floor and spent a significant amount of time making certain everyone knew it was her right to name the principal of the combined middle schools. When one side is making an appeal to not approve something and the other is making plans as if it has already been approved, there isn’t much room for conversation. That meeting was a sham. The board’s mind was made up. Period. They tolerated not listened to the community.

For still undisclosed reasons, this board is adamant about merging the middle schools. Based upon their past behavior there is no reason not to think they will pull out all the stops to get the merger done before January. Their intent is to place undo hardship on the new board by forcing them to either uphold the lousy deal they made or cost the district money by backing out. They were willing to go against the community when they had an opportunity to be re-elected they certainly won’t have a problem doing it now when they have nothing to lose.

In addition to the merger we can expect “peace offerings” from Elaine. Her history of giving money or promotions to get an employee indebted to her is well documented. There is no reason to think she won’t do it now.  She knows she’s lost the community so the employees will be where she focuses her attention. I’m guessing Elaine will try to buy herself job security by giving across the board raises to employees.

Stand Up Clark County went to the board repeatedly seeking raises for employees. Every time we were denied. Yet, the board gave Elaine a raise   after hearing there wasn’t enough money for employees in the preschool department. Just as a captain should go down with his ship, a boss should forgo her raise for the sake of her employees.

There is no question some employees deserve a raise. But they deserved it months ago when Elaine snatched it out of their hands to keep for herself. The board approved the superintendent’s raise in full-knowledge of the hardship it would place on teachers, students and parents.  Now, they may very well bankrupt the district.

The responsible thing to do would be for this board to forgo any major decisions. The new board needs to assess the situation and determine when, if and how much raises should be. The board that will be leading us the next four years should be making the decision about mergers and closures. These are our schools and we have made it perfectly clear we do not like the way they are currently being run. Moving forward with the merger, closing schools, hiring/firing/promoting or trying to buy employees is nothing more than a slap in the face of voters. It’s a way to thumb their noses at us one last time while setting the new board members up for defeat. It is shameful.

The board is meeting tomorrow night. So, tonight, on behalf of our community, I am appealing to this board one last time. Please stop trying to hinder the future of our kids and walk away with dignity. Do not hold the education of our children hostage. Do the honorable thing and allow our new board to make decisions for the community who trusts them. Your time here is done. We thank you for your service but we are beginning a new era.

Stand Up former board members of Clark County and exit with class.





Stand Up Clark County, Bow & Take A Seat You Won!

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Congratulations Ashley Rithie, Michael McGowan and Beth Griffith. I am so amazingly proud of this community. This is what it’s about. This is what it means to be in America. We exposed the corruption and you said enough is enough.

To all of Steve’s supporters thank you. You guys are amazing. You worked tirelessly. I have made so many new friends through this process. And now I can fully admit that I am actually glad Steve didn’t win. I wanted a change in leadership on the board. Steve and I had many long talks about what it would mean to our family. We made the decision to make the sacrifice but if I’m honest I have to say, I’m really glad we don’t have to actually do it. Sometimes God just wants us to be willing to make the sacrifice.

The major message is that the community overwhelmingly voted in Michael McGowan. Voting out incumbant Debbie Fatkin for a little known resident like Michael McGowan speaks volumes. The same can be said of Ashley Ritchie. Her opponent, Deanna Wolfe, was not as instrumental as Debbie but the message was equally clear. This community has had enough. We asked you for change and you gave it. It’s a lesson that is turning heads.

Stand Up Clark County didn’t promote Beth Griffith but we are asking the community to support her now. We want to give Beth all the tools of success and that means throwing our support behind her. In January three of our five board members will be new. On key issues such as closing small schools and combining the middle schools we know three board members are in agreement. We have no reason to think this board will not be successful.

It has been an incredible journey and you all have blessed my life tremendously. I just don’t have the words to express what this night means. This victory has been a looooong time coming. But…..CLARK COUNTY! Take a seat. Your job is done.


I Miss Voting Behind A Curtain – And A Bit Worried About The Counting

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This was Colton’s first voting experience. I drilled him on what to do and what not to say at the poll. Then we get there and discover that all I said was useless information because the voting process has changed.

We signed in and the clerk handed me a paper ballot. I went behind a little secret booth and filled it out. But because there were so many people there others were forced to fill out their ballots in plain view of everyone. People were holding the ballots up against the wall in order to have a hard surface to write on. So much for privacy in voting.

When ready to feed my ballot into the machine I assumed I would be prompted to confirm my vote. Nope.  The screen merely read, “thank you for voting”. I’m  standing there sputtering wondering how my vote was counted. Especially, since last week stories popped up of people in Ohio voting for Mitt Romney and the machine calculated it as President Obama.

While I’m processing all of this information poor Colton is still just trying to vote. He was so excited about his first election being a presidential one and one that his dad was in. But for unknown reasons he wasn’t registered. It took the  clerk about 20 minutes to even get through to the courthouse to check it out. I’m thinking, “Well, that’s not a good sign.”

After all of that she tells Colton he can’t vote. For a split second Colton thought then said; “Well, I guess sometimes these things happen.” Which was surprising to everyone within ear shot. When the clerk apologized again Colton shrugged and said;  “You’ve just gotta learn to roll with it.” Let me tell you, I was one proud Momma.

As we were leaving I was still pondering how my vote was counted and the amount of money it would cost the county if someone challenges the vote. I wanted to have Colton’s philosophy but in all honest, I’m not there yet.

Last week I got an email from someone telling me that another person had said she could absolutely guarantee the election of a specific candidate because she had taken care of it. At the time I thought it was just stupidity talking. But after voting today I wonder. The ballots had no markers to identify who was completing it. The machine didn’t confirm my vote. Seems to me that is a HUGE liability for our county. Call me old-fashioned but I miss the simple days of voting behind a curtain and being able to confirm my vote.

Regardless, Clark County had a huge turn-out so thank you for Standing Up and voting.