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KY High School Athletic Association – KY’s Black Eye To The Nation

Posted in In The News, Louisville Courier Journal, Sports with tags , , , , , , , on October 11, 2013 by Joan Graves

Regardless of what local and state leaders would like us to believe, The Kentucky High School Athletic Association did in fact, ban postgame handshakes. When the bonehead move hit the national news, the back-pedaling started. Now, the KHSAA states that though they banned handshakes they do not intend to enforce the ban. Wow. Way to lead. Make a rule, do not stand by it, and do not enforce it. It is ridiculous and shameful to say the least.

What we now know is that the purpose of the ban was only to free KHSAA from being at fault should a fight breakout during the “good sportsmanlike conduct” of the postgame handshake. Without a doubt sports game violence is on the rise. Rather than actually address a problem KHSAA opted to find a loophole that might clear them of at least a little liability. KHSAA sent their message loud and clear, “Let the kids fight but don’t blame us”. And sadly, the entire country heard.

Violence in sports is a chronically unfolding disaster in our country that few are willing to tackle. I find it profoundly sad. From Little League to high school, regardless of what sport I was playing, not one of my coaches would have ever accepted fighting under any circumstances. I think we can all agree that I am more than a little sassy. Yet, it took only once for me to be benched by a coach to shut me up. Sure I was mad about it but when I complained to my mom she informed me that I would either listen to the coach, quit the team or be kicked off, but she would absolutely not go against any coach teaching me respect. The lesson was well learned.

KHSAAIf the KHSAA truly wants to curb fights at games, they could require higher standards from the coaches. Rather than attach a higher standard clause as a means to clear KHSAA from liability perhaps they should actually investigate claims made against coaches. What would happen if a questionable coach was forced to wear a microphone during games AND practices?

Too many coaches tolerate a bad kid who is a good player because of the pressure to win. What if we recognized coaches for forcing their star player to follow the rules despite a losing season? What if coaches receive bonuses based upon the moral climate of their team and their overall positive influence in the community? What would happen if a coach’s pay grade was determined by his/her positive interaction with players, parents and the community rather than how many games they win? Here is the magic of it all. When we take the time to build good, moral players they naturally morph into a good, winning team. Yet, even if they don’t we must become a society more focused on winning in life rather than the fleeting, good feeling of winning in a moment.

As long as we allow the KHSAA to acknowledge the problems such as Sanford but act only to protect themselves, then we allow them to hold Kentucky to longest, disreputable, shameful and wholly destructive losing streak of all time. The KHSAA has turned KY into a laughing-stock of the entire nation once again. How many times are we going to tolerate this? How long are we going to allow our kids, schools, and ourselves to be led by individuals who seek only to relieve themselves of liability? Until we get serious about leadership, no one else will take our leadership seriously.

Stand Up Clark County and have the courage to lead KY in athletics.