The Arrest of Michael McGowan

It is with utmost disgust I must bring to you the news that board of education member Michael McGowan has been arrested. I am absolutely livid. Before I get to the gory details there are a few things to note.

Once again the Winchester Sun has shown itself to be more like The National Enquirer than an Associated Press newspaper. While salivating all over this story they are still incapable of locating a court document that clearly states Patti and Paul Columbia also prevailed in the bogus lawsuit filed by shamed former Superintendent Elaine Farris. In addition, the Winchester Sun refused to run the story of Elaine’s niece (Tiffany Davis) being charged with criminal harassment of Patti Columbia. Their reasoning was because Tiffany lived in Lexington, even though the charges were filed in Clark County. Now, if the Sun actually adhered to that guideline half the paper would be gone because it consists more of news outside Clark County than it does local events.

Also vying for the most biased news outlet is WKYT. When Elaine Farris filed her lawsuit against me WKYT was running the story despite the fact I had yet to be served a single paper. Until, I’m served the papers are not officially filed. So, how would WKYT know about it? Yep, you guessed it. Elaine Farris strikes again. To prove the point notice the absence of WKYT reporting the lawsuit was resolved. How many times have you heard them follow up on a lawsuit story? It’s called ethical reporting but like the Sun WKYT opts to pick and choose their ethics. Which is why they are running the story on Michael McGowan but refused to report on the charges against Tiffany Davis even though she works at the Fayette County board of education.

What no one is reporting is that Michael McGowan attempted to get a domestic violence order first. Judge Nora Shepherd declined it. Judge Shepherd also removed the kids from Michael and gave them to his ex-wife Jackie, despite the fact that Jackie had willingly signed over custody.   Once Jackie got custody she followed through on her threat to get a domestic violence order against Michael, allegedly even violating the order herself.  Michael was desperate to see the kids Jackie had manipulated away from him which led to the violation of the order.

However, just because you have good reason to break the law doesn’t mean you should. Michael should have respected that domestic violence order whether it’s bogus or not. What in the world Michael McGowan was thinking is beyond me. I get wanting to see your kids. I get not having money to hire an attorney. I get, believe me I REALLY get, being victimized by a vindictive person, a screwed up “justice” system and a judge with more power than common sense. But I absolutely do not get violating the order. It’s simply incomprehensible, inexcusable and beyond ridiculous.

At this point Michael is still considered innocent. He also maintains his innocence. But considering the evidence supposedly consists of some text messages it won’t be hard to determine who is right and wrong.  If he is found guilty he must be removed from the board.  I had a hand in putting him on that board and I have no problem having a hand in getting him removed from it.

It cannot be denied that Michael was instrumental in moving our school system forward over the last two years. Our schools are in a much better place and Michael has been a part of that. For that I thank him for his service. But it is still not enough to excuse breaking the law. So, if found guilty in a court of law, he must go. Now, the question is who is going to have courage enough to stand up for these kids and keep our schools moving forward rather than returning them to the mess they were two years ago?

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  1. It is sad that the media influences so much.

  2. ” I had a hand in putting him on that board and I have no problem having a hand in getting him removed from it.”

    I think you’re giving yourself too much credit. Get a real job. Having a retarded son and a blog doesn’t make you Clark County God.

    • You’re just a real winner aren’t you? If you have to reduce to calling my special needs children retarded you only prove yourself to be the lesser one. So, my question is, if I’m so lowly & this blog is so nothing what does it say about you that you are not only reading it but commenting on it?

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