KY’s 2nd Largest Newspaper Accurately Reports CCPS News


KY’s 2nd Largest Newspaper Accurately Reports CCPS News

There have been significant concerns regarding the accuracy of reporting by the Winchester Sun, on details surrounding Stand Up Clark County, the previous board of education and Superintendent Elaine Farris. However, it is important to note that the most notable newspaper ┬áreporting on the issues, has done so accurately and fairly. Jim Warren, educational reporter for the Lexington Herald-Leader, has never lowered his ethics in the reporting of these ongoing issues. Regardless, of whether circumstances were favorable to Stand Up Clark County’s mission or not, Jim Warren has always been the epitome of what journalism was intended to be.

This link will take you directly to the website. I encourage you all to reach for absolute truth and the unbiased reporting of the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Stand Up Clark County for unbiased reporting.

2 Responses to “KY’s 2nd Largest Newspaper Accurately Reports CCPS News”

  1. Thank you for your comments about the backpack issue, The rule is an example of over-reaction. While I understand that you cannot name names without singling out children, I wonder who was, in fact, singled out. Were the privileged children who have never been forced to obey the rules finally forced to do so? For example, the child of Paul Christy, who I assume can afford appropriate clothing since he double dips as assistant superintendent of schools and deputy sheriff, NEVER wears clothes that fit dress code. This child ALWAYS wears blue jeans. Shouldn’t rules be equally enforced as you suggested?

    Why are Clark Middle administrators afraid to discipline his child? Is there a complete lack of discipline in Clark County or does Christy use his position to ensure that his child does not have to follow the rules any more than he does? Likewise, are the parents that you represent outraged because they can’t afford to buy new backpacks or because mesh backpacks aren’t in style and they don’t believe that their children should have to follow the rules?

    • No, I won’t name names because unlike the school I have no intention of singling students out. I will say, however, that as far as I am aware these were students that were unable to afford the backpacks. But that is strictly MY understanding so I could be wrong.

      I have no idea about any of Paul Christy’s children. I don’t understand your “double dipping” remark. Paul Christy is an assistant superintendent & in the job capacity he oversees security & other areas such as maintenance & facilities plans. He isn’t a deputy sheriff but even if he was that would be a 2nd job not double dipping.

      GRC doesn’t have a dress code. All the kids where blue jeans. If Paul’s child attends Clark MIddle where there is a dress code the backpack issue I posted about doesn’t pertain to him because it was only GRC. If his child is at CM & out of mandatory dress code my 1st question would be have you spoke to anyone about it who has the authority to fix it but doesn’t? If you have documented proof that you have send it to me & I will address it. Documented proof means pics, names & dates – as detailed as possible. I can speak to Paul one-on-one & ask him about this but I can’t go public without proof.

      I don’t think there is a complete lack of discipline but I do think Pam Whitesides, principal at CM, will only discipline correctly a select few. I can make that statement from my own experience & the mound of evidence I have against her. I believe that CM has serious problem & those problems are being looked by Stand Up Clark County.

      It makes no difference who a child’s relative is the rules apply to all. It’s that mentality that has played a significant role in our current situation.

      Members of Stand Up Clark County are outraged because first the rule wasn’t enforced. I have an email from 2010 regarding the issue. Not a single individual has said to me anything about style fashion or whatever. In fact, the vast majority of those with students at GRC already had their kids carrying mesh backpacks. My kids have carried mesh/clear backpacks since we moved here 10 yrs ago. I can also tell you that members of Stand Up Clark County helped parents in need purchase back packs. Some of us even helped the kids of some that are against us. But we aren’t here for them. We’re here for the kids. In fact, right now we are still attempting to find students without the mesh backpacks & get some for them. All Star Sports is collecting used backpacks as well for the same purpose.

      I get being angry. And I know what it feels like to think that district leaders are blatantly disobeying the rules they are enforcing against our kids. But for all the rumors out there Stand Up Clark County does not act on rumors alone. In case, you don’t know I am currently under a lawsuit for my statements I’ve made with tons of evidence to back it up. Unfortunately, in America a civil lawsuit can be filed against anyone without specific allegations. It is up to the person sued to hire an attorney & go to court & show evidence disputing the suit. Innocent til proven guilty applies to criminal cases not civil ones like I’m dealing with.

      I want you to understand that we are not blowing you off or protecting anyone. Stand Up Clark is about educational accountability & that applies to EVERYONE.

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