New Beginnings – The First 2013 Board Of Education Meeting


Tonight was the first meeting of our newly elected board of education. For anyone not in attendance you missed the excellence of a board united in improving the educational climate we have adapted ourselves to. Should you happen to run into board members within the community be sure to take a moment and stop to thank them for taking on the enormous responsibility of improving the education of our students.

The new board elected their governing body this evening. Previously, Judy Hicks served as chairperson with Debbie Fatkin as vice-chair. For 2013, it will be Dr. Michael Kuduk directing the board by serving as Chairperson. Michael McGowan was elected to serve as vice-chair.

Dr. Kuduk wasted no time getting down to business. One of the first changes he wants to initiate is changing board meetings from once a month to twice a month. When Judy Hicks indicated two Tuesday’s a month would be too much for her work schedule, Ashley Ritchie wisely asked if board meetings had to occur on Tuesdays. They do not, which opened up enormous opportunities for setting days convenient to all. There are still details to hammer out but at this point it appears as though board meetings will be conducted one Tuesday and Thursday of each month.

By increasing the frequency of meetings it provides the board extended time to review and finalize the agenda, as well as provide the community additional time to come before the board with comments and concerns. Board meetings have a history of being extensively long. In June, a board meeting wasn’t adjourned until two in the morning. Many working parents find the extensive length of board meetings a deterrent for their attendance. They simply don’t have the time to work, care for the family and attend a 3-4 hour board meeting. Dr. Kuduk’s proposal will decrease the time commitment for parents, board members and faculty. If you are unable to make a meeting you won’t have to wait an entire month before getting the assistance you need. Tonight’s meeting was for organizational purposes so the regular board meeting will take next week as usual.

During the years I have been attending board meetings it has always been easy to determine who the new board members were. They are often timid and unsure of themselves. That was certainly not the case tonight. Our newly elected officials had no hesitation making motions, seconding them, asking questions or offering recommendations.

Another significant change was inclusion. Several times Dr. Kuduk looked to those in attendance to include them in decisions. He specifically looked to them as the second date for a board meeting was discussed. Involving the community and employees in decision making was highly promoted by Stand Up Clark County so we are well pleased to see the board turning in this direction.

After a tumultuous year, hope, peace and unity reined this evening. This is a board willing to put the needs of the students above their personal ones. This board firmly established that they have done their homework and are well-versed in proper procedure and knowledge of how a successful board conducts themselves.

This is only the very first meeting on the very first day of our educational restoration. It is a new year filled with the promises of what is truly a new beginning. So, Stand Up Clark County because without a doubt, you made it happen.


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  1. Serious Writer Says:

    For the first time I feel like the taxpayers, the parents whose children are in the Clark County school system, finally have a say, that someone will listen to their concerns. Dr. Kuduk is a true professional and the idea of a second school board meeting every month is a great idea. He is doing this to benefit our children. I also was very pleased by how well the three new board members conducted themselves. It’s not always easy to jump into a new job while being in front of the public. I promise, we as parents, will not leave the school board to fend for themselves but we’ll be active participants too. Whatever we can do to help. Thank you Dr. Kuduk, and the three new school board member Dr. Griffith, Mrs. Ritchie and Mr. McGowan for your time and effort.

    I believe that CCPS can do what is best for ALL children. It’s very clear that we are off to a promising start.

    • I admit I was worried about the high expectations placed on the board but I was so impressed. They were all seated & in place, reviewing information and preparing up until the very last second. They were composed & worked together. I know I’m rattling on but I just can’t stop being amazed. No hesitation – they just jumped right in & went to work for this community. It is a great time for Clark County Schools & it’s only going to get better. Thanks for your comments.

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