Prominent Defamation Attorney Takes Case, Joins Our Fight

Prominent Defamation Attorney Takes Case, Joins Our Fight

It is with great joy and humility I announce that Attorney Thomas W. Miller, with the highly esteemed firm of Miller, Griffin & Marks, P.S.C., will be representing me in the lawsuit filed by Clark County School Superintendent Elaine Farris. Mr. Miller is highly regarded by his peers and clients as an expert in the areas of defamation of character, libel and slander. He is a third generation attorney who has counseled both plaintiff and defendant in these areas.

Although, I am personally named in the lawsuit it is my belief that it is actually a case filed against our right as parents, community members and employees to openly communicate our needs and successes for our children’s education. If you would like to donate to this defense please refer to the instructions for doing so in Mr. Miller’s letter. Donations to this case are not an investment in me but rather in promoting educational accountability for us all. Stand Up Clark County has never been about a single individual but rather putting the public back in public education.

As a board member of the prestigious Lexington School, Mr. Miller is well versed in the attributes of successful education and leadership. I cannot imagine that any other individual, aside from Mr. Miller, could ever have a better understanding of our situation and goals. I could find no one else with Mr. Miller’s expertise. The parents, students, school employees and citizens of Clark County have endured far too much already and deserve nothing but the absolute best. I have no doubt that Tom Miller will bring you that.

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4 Responses to “Prominent Defamation Attorney Takes Case, Joins Our Fight”

  1. I have to comment here because you closed comments after you responded to my post asking why you are only pursuing Elaine Faris and not also Paul Christy. Kentucky Anonymous posted video evidence that he is using an official school resource officer’s vehicle for personal use — an offense worse that using a school IPAD.

    Also, unless Christy can produce documents that prove that Faris is preventing him from doing his job, he is just as, if not more, responsible for the conditions at the high school as Faris. Again, I ask, do you want to clean up Clark County Schools or is your only target Elaine Faris?

    Here’s proof that the anonymous video was effective: at the request of the neighbor who provided the video, Christy took down wind chimes that bothered her. When the video appeared, the wind chimes came back up. This form of harassment may be legal, but it demonstrates what kind of person he is — an is more evidence of his guilt. Why retaliate if he has nothing to hide?

    • I don’t manually close comments. Posts & the comments on them automatically archive after a month or so. I apologize for the inconvenience.

      I saw the video & contacted Paul Christy about it. He said he was authorized to use the car because he is head of security for the district & that the neighbor that provided the video was mad at him but didn’t say why.

      I verified his claims with several others who stated that his position does allow him to use the car. I personally, don’t think any government official should be using their car for any reason besides work but the law doesn’t agree with me.

      As for the iPad, I honestly don’t know much about that. I first became aware of it after KY Anonymous posted about it. I have not had time to research the claim but feel the say way about tech devices as I do the cars.

      If Christy isn’t doing his job it’s a problem. But I don’t have any evidence that says he isn’t. Because Elaine is superintendent ultimate responsibility for the entire district rests with her. If someone isn’t doing their job she has the ability to do something about it. If she isn’t doing her job the board is responsible.

      I don’t want to make this about Elaine but I think you should know that I do have emails between Elaine & Paul & they obviously have a difficult relationship. But the emails don’t raise any questions about Paul’s work performance. The tone of the emails makes it clear Elaine would have no problem reprimanding him but she doesn’t. I don’t have any that questions his work performance.

      I don’t know anything about wind chimes but I think it’s a stretch to call them a mode of harassment. What intrigues me most about this situation is the relationship between Paul & his neighbor. I can’t help but wonder if their strained relationship is connected to his job. Obvsiously, I’m just speculating because I don’t even know who the neighbor is.

      I understand your frustration & encourage you to continue to contact us. We have a lot of information that has not been publicly released because there isn’t enough evidence. So, you never know when you may tell us something that connects the dots for us.

      Under no circumstances should this site be considered to be about a single individual. As we’ve always said, we are not anti-Elaine. We are pro-Clark County. We are here demanding accountability from our educational leaders regardless of who they are. Please feel free to ask any questions that’s what we’re here for. Thanks for reading the blog.

  2. anonymous Says:

    Actually, the pictures that you used to indict Elaine also prove that Paul Christy, Director of Operations, is equally guilty of failing to do his job.

    I’m curious, would you have been this tolerant if someone had produced video proof of Elaine Faris using a county vehicle for personal use?

    If you really care about improving schools, why aren’t your clamoring for a change in the law making this unethical act illegal? After all, the county is paying for Paul Christy gas and personal transportation to his job (expenses that every other citizen of Clark County has to pay for out of their OWN paychecks) while our students have insufficient textbooks, inadequate school facilities, and outdated technology.

    You are right, Faris is derelict in her duty if she has not reprimanded Paul Christy.

    • What would you like me to do about this? (not being hateful but actually asking.) I started researching this minutes after you made the first comment. But there’s no illegal activity. Definitely questionable morals & ethics but legal none-the-less.

      We absolutely are seeking a change in laws both at the state & national level. This is only 1 of many things that need to be changed. Locally, the school board has the power to stop Paul from driving that car & many other things that are going on. That is exactly why Stand Up Clark County backed new school board candidates. We know there is plenty wrong in the system & the only change will happen is by a change in leadership.

      When the new board takes their seats in Jan. you should address the issue with them. I know that doesn’t help now but there is a very strong possibility that bringing this to the new board will get resolution.

      If you think we should be doing something else on this issue let us know. I can’t promise we will do it but I can promise that you will be heard & we will make every effort to resolve the situation. FYI – If you leave a comment on here that you want me to read but no one else simply state that in your comments. I can respond to you but now where its visible.

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