If Our Kids Are Held To This Code Shouldn’t Our Staff’s Be Higher?


The GRC handbook definition of bullying is “any intentional act while on school grounds, or at a school sponsored activity by a student or groups of students- repeatedly directed against another student over time intended to ridicule, humiliate, or intimidate” The handbook also states the athletics mission statement. “The mission of the George Rogers Clark High School athletic program is to foster a competitive environment for our students that will enhance their educational experience. Every effort will be made to promote participation, teamwork, integrity, and sportsmanship.”

The handbook doesn’t clearly define “every effort” but it does list the following actions as “Not Tolerated: The use of lewd, profane, or vulgar language is prohibited. In addition, students shall not engage in behaviors such as hazing, bullying, menacing, taunting, intimidating, verbal or physical abuse of others, or other threatening behavior.” One of the most important statements is: Such behavior is disruptive of the educational process and interferes with the ability of other students to take advantage of the educational opportunities offered.” That sentence alone equals a clear civil rights violation. We pay taxes to ensure that we have the best possible educational experience. This is not it.

If a student grabbed another, screamed obscenities in his face, shoved him and called him a retard the student would be disciplined. And by no stretch of the imagination is that the only thing that was said. Students are not talking about class assignments, homecoming or other teen concerns. Instead they’re talking about the vile mouth of a football coach and the filthy way he links players to female genitalia.

Our staff should be held to a higher standard than the students, not a lower one. How can Bledsoe model a behavior he doesn’t even understand? It is up to us to stop this and stop it now! Stand Up Clark County and shout BLEDSOE HAS GOT TO GO!


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3 Responses to “If Our Kids Are Held To This Code Shouldn’t Our Staff’s Be Higher?”

  1. Teachers, coaches, and anybody that is a role model for children should be reprimanded on the spot. Apology made to the student and to the parents. Then be placed on leave with no pay or possbile firing. There is no excuse for this behavior in the Clark County School System or any where else for that matter.. i do not know this Bledsole but if he called my son a retard i would have been devesated for my child. How dare he !

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